Kids Strike Around the World to Raise the Alarm on Climate Change

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More than a million young people are expected to walk the streets Friday in an international protest demanding action on climate change. The latest climate strike is live, with hundreds of thousands of students already having walked out of school in places like New Zealand, India, South Africa, Nigeria, and throughout Europe, reports CNN. Next is the U.S.

This is the most recent Fridays for Future, a movement Swedish teen activist (and badass) Greta Thunberg started last year. A student-led climate strike in March spurred some 400 events around the world. This time, more than 2,000 protests are expected to take place before the weekend hits.

As seen in Muenster, Germany.
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For these young people, it’s simple. Adults need to act on climate change. Like yesterday. They’re doing what they can to raise the alarm—and that means walking out of school. After all, what good will their education be once the planet becomes uninhabitable? Extinction has hit a mass level, and we’ve got about 10 years before the world hits a point of no return. Thunberg has been sharing images on Twitter all day long of strikes happening across the globe, from Syria to South Korea.

The teens have been getting it, and I am all the way here for it. From global climate strikes to propelling forward the Green New Deal, young people aren’t sitting around waiting for the rest of us to get our shit together. They’re doing the damn thing. And leaders are following suit; the U.K. became the first government to declare a climate emergency earlier this month.


The next major strike is planned for September 20, and prominent activists like Naomi Klein and Mark Ruffalo are already onboard. School might soon be out for the summer, but the work to save the planet never ends. Not until the job is done.

In Lisbon, Portugal.
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