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May 7

There are both liberal and conservative enclaves all over the state. I live in far northern Minnesota. Our state legislators are DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor, the Minnesota form of the Democratic Party). My state representative, Rob Ecklund from International Falls, represents the largest district in Minnesota, 13,000 Read more

May 4

Taking advantage of power outage fear is child’s play for these folks. The clever ones invent a brand-new fear and sell that. Read more

Apr 13

They aren’t sprinkling it evenly across the globe. It’s being dumped in one spot. Dilution isn’t magic. It doesn’t make it go away. Read more

Apr 13

Completely discounting the entire field of study of Environmental Justice because you feel somehow personally attacked that, hey, maybe the most important, most damaging megacorporations in the United State of America might also be a part of the structural racism we live in every day, is bush-league cowardice. Read more

Apr 7

“The idea that in 12 years the sun will have gotten so hot or the seas risen so much that large swaths of earth become uninhabitable is laughable nonsense deserving of ridicule,” Christian said in an emailed statement to Earther in response to a question on his views on climate science. Read more

Apr 7

So they’re a thoroughly captured regulator, effectively being run for the benefit of the industries they’re supposed to regulate. 

Mar 31

It’s the exact same way with a narwhal tusk. We can count up [the layers] and get a number on how old the animal is

Mar 29

Seems like there was a lot of shady shit going on with ERCOT. Glad where I live we have a municipally owned power provider. The city owns the utility company and the generation, the generation side is co-owned with a few other cities. We did have brown outs, I personally did not maybe because I was near downtown and Read more

Mar 27

“Maybe the lure of humanities is simply too great. A young, gifted and talented student might somewhere along the way see geoscience policy (or communications or business or law) more attractive than actual geostuff. Who knows. Life’s a mystery.” Read more

Mar 18

I mean, I’m just not going to assume that “her white underlings” (what about her Asian “underlings”? her LGBTQ “underlings”) are being racist solely on the basis of them....calling out racism and bigotry. Absent a fair amount of other evidence, I’m not going to speculate they have impure motives for doing one of the Read more

Mar 18

As a Black woman, I gotta disagree with this one. Locking down accounts and removing old racist/sexist/homophobic tweets is pretty much Employability 101 at this point. Not tweeting them in the first place is even better. Nearly all recruiters for high-profile jobs check social media. Parsing out “ignorant” vs. Read more

Mar 18

Yes, she was just 17. I do think there should be space to show change (something the commentariat of this site should probably say even when they don’t like the person). But no, she’s not being cancelled. She lost a management position that was vulnerable for a 27 year old with no management experience in a different Read more

Mar 17

D’Andrea’s the PUC chairman. The PUC has no investors. He should be bound by state law to look out for state citizens.

Mar 12

I have imagined the nostril of the bison as a whistling mouth and now cannot stop seeing it.

Mar 10

fucking beanie babies for nerds.  except much much worse because of the ecological waste its creating. 

Mar 9

What’s more, it would only cost about $7 billion to clean up all of them, the study estimated, a pretty good return on investment. Read more