Scientists Weighed the Earth Using Ghostly Particles From Space

Scientists have to use some roundabout methods to weigh the Earth and measure what’s inside it—typically, they’ve used sound waves and the strength of gravity to make their calculations. But one team has weighed the Earth in a whole new way: by measuring mysterious cosmic particles that pass through it.

Opponents Plan to Stop Controversial Hawaiian Telescope's Construction 'At Whatever Cost'

Native Hawaiians have a long history of losing battles over their land. This stems all the way back to the late 1800s when white sugar farmers overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom. Today, the battle lines are drawn around Mauna Kea, a sacred mountain that’s ultimately what drew the Polynesians to Hawaii, according to…

A Major Storm Will Hit the Eastern U.S. on Election Day (But Please Go Vote Anyway)

 The weather doesn’t stop for anyone, including voters. For many folks heading to the polls this week, a big mess of rain, snow and possibly severe weather is on tap starting on Monday and stretching into Tuesday. But the impacts aren’t expected to last all day, so you should be able to find a window to go vote.