Hawaii’s National Park Is Re-Opening After the Eruption of a Lifetime

Kilauea volcano has quieted down considerably since August, and recovery efforts are now in full swing. That includes a major milestone coming up on September 22, when the National Park Service (NPS) is set to re-open parts of the colossal Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which has been closed since shortly after the…

North Carolina Is Facing a Public Health Crisis After Florence

Hurricane Florence unleashed unfathomable amounts of disgusting‚ÄĒand dangerous‚ÄĒsubstances into the environment. There‚Äôs literal pig shit, animal carcasses, and coal ash. These are already entering floodwaters, and there‚Äôs likely more pollution to come. After all, flooding in the Carolinas may continue to worsen.

Trump's Methane Rule Rollback Will Make More People Sick

On Tuesday, the Trump administration took the long-anticipated step of reversing an Obama-era rule that would‚Äôve helped prevent leaking, venting, and flaring of methane from oil and gas operations. The rollback doesn‚Äôt just kill the final piece of Obama‚Äôs climate legacy‚ÄĒit could mean more air pollution entering‚Ķ