Trump Pushes Forward With an Arctic Drilling Plan Courts May Rule Illegal

Not even ongoing litigation can stop President Trump from pushing forward with his pro-fossil fuel agenda. The Ocean Energy Management Bureau (BOEM) announced Thursday the launch of the public comment period for a proposed oil and gas lease sale covering more than 65 million acres of the Beaufort Sea along Alaska’s…

This Is Just What It's Always Going To Be Like Now

It never takes much. Tubbs started when some power lines blew over. All it took for Carr to roar to life was a flat tire. Thomas was born of a utility malfunction. Camp was probably the same. Their beginnings almost don’t matter, since the story of each of those historic wildfires, and all the fires raging right now,…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Spent Part of Her Congressional Orientation Demanding Bolder Climate Action From Nancy Pelosi

The new Congress is going to be a bit different than the old Congress. During an orientation week for new members of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed up at Nancy Pelosi’s office. This in itself would not be news, except that she was joining protestors demanding more urgent climate action.